“Our lives are one big puzzle.
We don’t know how many pieces we’ve got,
There are people that fit in quite nicely,
And people who try but do not.
We’re constantly adding more pieces,
All the memories of things we’ve been through,
We add laughter and tears and adventure,
And the lessons we’ve learnt to be true.
Everyone has their own puzzle,
There will be ones where you do not fit,
Don’t you ever dare make your piece smaller,
Just do you can live there for a bit.
If you keep cutting off all your edges,
One day you won’t recognize what you see,
And you’ll forget the person you once were,
Before the world told you who you should be.
Make most of each piece in your puzzle,
It’ll be a grand masterpiece when it’s done,
So you won’t have to look back when it’s over,
And realize you’ve left out the sun.”



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