This Kind of Crazy.

This is me. 

I’m not as bad as I’ve been
and I’m not as good as I’m going to get.
I’m basically just here.
Trying to find my place in an evolving world
where it seems that everyone is changing who
they are for reasons they feel they need to annotate.
We seek out ways to illustrate and vocalize
our lives, our actions, and our thoughts
in the most expressive forms we can imagine.

I guess that’s what makes the world that we live in
so invigorating and progressive.
We are constantly yearning for a normal explanation
for our crazy, ever-changing beings
and keep putting our annotations into forms
that make sense for our lifestyle.
Regardless of how confusing life can be
and how exhausting it is to chase the unknown,
hen it all comes down to it,
I’d rather be this kind of crazy than that kind of normal.


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