Love Thy Neighbor

When we first moved into our home about 4 years ago, one of the neighbors across the street, who we came to know as Colleen, kept letting her dog, Oreo, use our front yard and porch as his "relief" area. No joke, it would be on our sidewalk and porch and she would leave it!…Read more Love Thy Neighbor


6 Tips for Traveling on a Budget

Recently, I was asked to be a guest contributor to the travel blog NextStop24. This site is incredible and it allows other travelers to leave reviews on places they have visited so that other people can see if that place is somewhere they would like to explore. Such a cool concept, right?! You should definitely…Read more 6 Tips for Traveling on a Budget

The Good and The Bad

How many times do we have to go through a pain or heartache until we're at the point where everything just makes sense? We all go through transitions in our lives that leave us wondering, "what good ever came from that?". It's taken a long time for me to realize that with every, single situation,…Read more The Good and The Bad