My Bucket List ♥

1. See Whales!
2. Stay in one of those tiki huts in the Caribbean.
3. Create a blog 2013
4. Write a book
5. Be a Big Sister 2013
6. Sing in a coffee shop
7. Learn to play Guitar (in the process)
8. Ride a water taxi in Venice
9. Visit Glacier National Park September 2017
10. Start my Mobile Fitness/Recreation Idea
11. Birthday random acts of kindness
12. Travel up the PCH in California
13. Road trip across the US (been pretty close!)
14. Swim with Sharks
15. Storm Chase
16. Own my own rec center
17. Hike the Colorado river inside the Grand Canyon
18. Go to Tahiti/Fiji
19. Visit all 50 states (States that I’ve been to here!)
20. Kayak Pictured Rocks
21. Be fluent in Spanish
22. Own a bookshelf of what I’ve read
23. Go to Italy
24. Visit the Amazon Rainforest
25. Travel the country in a van for a few months (one month so far!)
26. Visit Australia
27. Go on an African Safari
28. Create a travel blog/instagram 2017
29. Random Destination Traveling
30. Get paid to travel somewhere
31. Visit Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Reserve
32. Go to Alaska
33. Visit Greece
34. Visit Lake Louise September 2017
35. Get married
36. Have a family
37. Take a Sister Vacation
38. Be a movie extra
39. Host a charitable party (Pajamuary Party January 9, 2016!)
40. Visit the Isle of Pines in New Caledonia
41. Ride my bike across the state
42. Go to Pig Beach in the Bahamas
43. Celebrate Christmas in the mountains
44. Take a roadtrip with my Best Friends
45. Visit Oregon
46. Hike some of the PCT
47. Pay off my Student Loans!!!
48. Get Zoey to be a therapy dog
49. Become pen pals with a stranger
50. See a moose. (Canada, Colorado)
51. Adopt a child
52. See the Jellyfish Lake
53. Go to New Zealand
54. Visit the Rainbow River
55. Take my nieces and nephew on an adventure
56. Backpack some (more) of the Appalachian Trail
57. Write an encouraging letter to a stranger 11.17.15
58. Flip multiple houses
59. Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef
60. See baby sea turtles hatch and head to sea
61. Visit Banff! September 2017
62. Stay at an all-inclusive resort…again! (Riviera Maya, Mexico October 2015, Guanacaste, Costa Rica 2017)
63. Visit Ireland on my birthday
64. Relax in natural hot springs
65. Visit Hawaii
66. Mountain Bike in Utah
67. Visit every National Park in the USA (13/60-See how many you’ve been to!)
68. Kayak around the icebergs in Newfoundland Iceberg Alley.
69. Kayak with manatees in Florida
70. Hike the Kalalau Trail in Hawaii.
71. Go to Switzerland.
72. Visit Maine in the Fall. (October 2018)

73. See flamingos


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