Guatemala 2011

I left part of my heart in Guatemala. I spent an entire month living there and it was life-changing. I met incredible people, saw extraordinary sights, and was able to experience a culture that I knew very little about. If you’ve ever been to this country, you know the despair that is in its past and if you met the people, you’d never know.

What I experienced in this country has stayed with me. You can see in some of the pictures, my friend Matty. We met Matty and Ben at a bar one night and ended up talking with them all night long. We shared stories of life, heartache, passions, fears…we all bonded immediately. Matty and Ben were on a trip from Washington all the way down to Brazil! After spending a week with them, they were on their way. They gave us their blog information and when our time in Guatemala ended, we logged on to check on them. Sadly, while they were in Honduras, Matty was struck by a large truck on his moped and didn’t survive the crash. I’ve never felt so much for someone who I’d only known a week. This carefree and loving soul was gone too soon.

When I think of Guatemala, I think of Matty. He never let the fear of life get in his way. He was a born adventurer. He died doing what he loved. ♥