Road Trip 2016–New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Utah and Colorado

Do it.

Take time off of work and hit the road. Go to places that you’ve wanted to go, but haven’t had the time. Just, do it. It is refreshing, rewarding, and relaxing. It’s exactly what we did and it’s exactly what we needed.

We saw some of the most amazing features of this country and as if our travel fire wasn’t already lit, we haven’t been able to stop imagining more trips!

We rented a minivan, built a 2×4 bed to put in the back with about 2 feet of storage underneath of the bed, and traveled over 2,000 miles! We slept at rest areas (tip: make sure you’re in a highly populated area!), slept at campgrounds, and played the entire trip by ear (except for a few reserved campgrounds). It was incredible! We hiked up mountains, put our feet in the river, and exposed our souls to some of this country’s beautiful wonders. It was, without a doubt, eye-opening.

Here are some of the photos from the trip!