Washington 2017

Oh, Washington. ♥

You are an absolute sight for the eyes. The entire week we spent in this state had me in awe. I knew it was going to be big and beautiful, but I don’t think anything could have fully prepared me for the breathtaking views. You can look at other people’s photos and Google all day long, but when you’re there, in person, in that moment, seeing everything through your own eyes…no photo will capture its essence. Nearly every photo I took was followed by, “Uh, pictures just don’t do it justice!” and I was right.

If you haven’t made it out to Washington yet, go.


You have to. It’s truly beautiful country! Yes–it was rainy and yes–we hiked in the rain a lot of the time, but it was one hell of an experience. You better believe that we will be back! Until next time, Washington.